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MSM offer a wide range of training courses.

  • Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)
  • Direct Access
  • Restricted 46.6bhp License (A1)
  • Restricted 46.6bhp License (A2)

Compulsory Basic Training

The CBT is a course specially designed to introduce you to motorcycling. This isn’t a test as some people wrongly believe. CBT courses contain various elements. Complete them, and they allow you to ride on the road unsupervised as a learner. Take heed though, these restrictions will apply:

  • You may ride up to a maximum of 125cc (depending on your age and license categories
  • You must display L-plates (Front and rear)
  • You cannot carry a pillion passenger
  • You cannot ride on motorways

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Restricted 46.6bhp License (A2)

Once you have completed your CBT and are a minimum age of 19, you will need to take further training. If you train and test on a a 395cc and above you will be able to ride a motorcycle that has a maximum power output of 46.6bhp.

Direct Access

If you are 24, and have successfully completed your CBT, you can obtain an unrestricted license by taking your test on a machine with a minimum of 595cc which produces a minimum of 53.6bhp.

Theory Test

Anyone taking a practical on road test must hold a current theory certificate. The theory test is a mixture of multiple choice questions and hazard perceptions skills. Naturally M.S.M can help here also, giving you plenty of guidance and advice.

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